Kurgan runs 7.94 @ 175 MPH
in NMRA Drag Radial trim!

“With over 300 passes on my existing D.S.S.363XR and 500 passes on my D.S.S Extreme XR Forged Pistons, I have managed to run my best time ever 7.94 @ 175.
Just to put that into perspective, That is the fastest Vortech assisted Drag Radial And Extreme Street run ever. With a little more tuning I am sure I can get this combination to run in the 7.80's. When I pull up to the starting line during a race, I have alot of things going through my mind. One thing I NEVER worry about is my D.S.S.363 XR engine. In over 10yrs, I have never had a mechanical failure!
Thanks D.S.S. and crew!!!”  

Bob "Flyin' Hawaiian" Kurgan


Name: Bob Kurgan

Vehicle: Mustang GT

Engine: DSS 363 XR

Induction: Vortech Supercharger

ET/MPH: 7.94 @ 175                                       

Just wanted to update you on our E85 Mustang that recently underwent a complete engine rebuild and entire fuel system upgrade. With your help we were able to complete the project and are now ready for our upcoming debut at the Speed TV show PINKS ALL OUT in Atlanta, GA.
 We just dynoed the car and the results were impressive. 540 rwhp and 478 rwtq (SAE). We will experiment with more power increases in the next couple months, but this should make it a solid 10 second car for the upcoming event.
 We strayed from popular methods with this rebuild. We went to High compression 10.7:1 DSS 10cc Pistons and Rods with a small efficient Vortech blower using E85 Ethanol fuel and a complete return-style Aeromotive fuel system. We're still running a stock intake and stock heads, so we expect huge power gains later this year when the top end is upgraded.
Thank You   

Steve Shrader                    E85 Mustang Shootout

Further to our conversation, Oct. 16, re my DSS Stroker motor:
*2005 Mustang GT: Pro Charger DISC (a) 15 psi
DSS 5.0 Super Mod Stroker short block
*D.S.S. Extreme X Forged Flycut pistons Compression 9.2 to 1
*Comp cams 470/480
*Stock Ford heads with upgraded spring kit
*62 injectors, upgraded rails and fuel lines
*GT 500 Ford pumps
6200 RPM  93 octane
580 RWHP
507 Torque
When driven correctly, this engine still averages 18-22 mpg even with 410 gears.
Thank You D.S.S.     Lorne Cofell

Name: Mark Anderson

Vehicle: Mustang GT

Engine: DSS 4.6 SuperMOD w/ DSS CNC PI Heads

Induction: N/A (NMRA Factory Stock)

ET/MPH: 11.58 @ 119         2007


Name: Steve Ross

Vehicle: Mustang LX Hatch

Engine: DSS ULW 306 Pro Bullet

Induction: N/A

ET/MPH: 10.78 @ 124

Name: John Edwards

Vehicle: Mustang LX Notch

Engine: DSS Longrod 306 SuperPro Bullet

Induction: N/A

ET/MPH: 10.44 @ 129

 Name: Rick Merick

Vehicle: Mustang LX Hatch

Engine: DSS 306 SuperPro Bullet

Induction: 300 Shot Nitrous

ET/MPH: 9.70s


Name: John Hunkins

Vehicle: Mustang GT

Engine: DSS 306 SuperPro Bullet

Induction: Vortech S-Trim 14 PSI

ET/MPH: 10.50 s

Name: Roger Zielkie

Vehicle: Classic Mustang

Engine: DSS 410 X

Induction: N/A

ET/MPH: 9.50 s

Name: Keith Kohlmann

Vehicle: Ranger

Engine: DSS 331 SuperPro Bullet

Induction: Nitrous

Thanks again,
"Captain" Keith Kohlmann
2005 /2006 NMRA Truck World Champion

Chris Griswold Qualifies #1 in AIX at 2008
Mid Ohio Nationals
Starting in the pole position Chris Leads the race for 5 laps Finishes 3rd under a caution.

Congratulations to Chris Griswold, the 2004,2005,2006 2007 and 2008 NASA American Iron - Midwest AIX   Champion.

D.S.S. Naturally aspirated 427XR engine.



Dugan Racing's Project Super Viper featuring a DSS 306 Pro Bullet


Denny Dirks Points champion and multi-national event winner with a DSS 306 Super Pro Bullet and a DSS 331XR.

Using our DSS Main Support System in his Lincoln Town Car, Joe Geist has proven the extra strength and durability it provides in his heavy streetcar.

Equipped with a DSS 408 Super Pro Bullet Joe Slinginger ran 10.09 @ 134 MPH in NHRA Super Street, and in 2003 Division 5 Hot Rod he finished in the top 10.


His '88 Lincoln Mark VII LSC with our DSS 331 Pro Bullet ran 11.37 @ 120 MPH in the Cruise Missiles article featured in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

When you build as many engines as we do, for as long as we have, you get a lot of good data.  Below are just a few combinations gathered from our website, phone calls, and letters.  Chances are we have already built the combination you’re looking for many times before and can tell you what you can expect.  After all building performance engines is all we do.


12.62@103 MPH....306 Bullet w/ stock heads, emissions legal
12.19@119 MPH....306 Pro Bullet, emissions legal daily driver

11.72@113 MPH....306 Pro Bullet w/ Edelbrock heads and X cam
11.68@119 MPH....306 Pro Bullet w/ Twisted Wedge heads, Trophy Stock car
11.40@119 MPH....396 Bullet w/ Twisted Wedge heads, AOD, 3600 pound car
11.27@114 MPH....306 Pro Bullet w/ Twisted Wedge heads
11.20@117 MPH....331 Pro Bullet
11.03@120 MPH....357 Pro Bullet

10.78@125 MPH....306 Pure Street combination, naturally aspirated
10.97@119 MPH....331 Pro Bullet, naturally aspirated, 3200 pound car
10.56@117 MPH....306 Super Pro Bullet w/ 14 PSI, daily driver
10.51@124 MPH....306 Pro Bullet w/ 150 shot of nitrous
10.48@126 MPH....306 Super Pro Bullet, Street Stock record holder
10.30@126 MPH....306 Pro Bullet w/ Edelbrock heads and 12 PSI
10.21@130 MPH....306 Pro Bullet, Street Renegade combination

Tom, and D.S.S. crew
I would like personally thank you and your employees for such great service. Ever since 1998, when we purchased our first engine from DSS,
you have been very helpful with every one of our 6 engines we purchased. From the 400hp 306 in our 1971 Maverick street car which had over 1,000 1/4 passes plus street miles, to our newest 427 combo for our 1969 Cougar you have been top notch.
The newest combo in our Maverick is a Dart block 347,AFR 205's,solid roller,c-4 auto, with 4.56 gears. I am very happy, at the end of last season it went a 10.48 @ 127.5 mph on pump gas fuel weighing in at almost 3200 lbs. Our Cougar had your 408 super pro bullet, it went 10.30's with victor jr heads and solid roller. Looking to run in the 9's with our new 427XR, trick flow highport 225's, and a .700+ lift solid roller.
I am sending you a few pics of our rides, we praise DSS Racing every chance we get when at the track.

Ray & Ray Goelz

9.72@135 MPH....331 Super Pro Bullet w/ Canfield heads, 150 shot
9.60@138 MPH....514 Bullet, A460 block
9.63@139 MPH....308XR w/ 20 PSI
9.51@140 MPH....408X w/ 200 shot of nitrous
9.31@142 MPH....306 Super Pro Bullet w/ turbo, 20 PSI

8.95@155 MPH....308XR w/ power adder
8.78@152 MPH....408X, Super Comp Mustang
8.53@158 MPH....600 Bullet SVO long block
8.20@1 61MPH....600 Bullet SVO long block
8.06@174 MPH    363 bullet Boss XR


7.94@175MPH   NMRA Drag Radial
7.38@192 MPH....500 NHRA-legal, 1989

7.14@198 MPH....638 Wedge Pro Stock-legal, 1997
7.00@199 MPH....805 BOSS IHRA-legal, 1998

6.67@205 MPH....797 IHRA Pro Stock-legal, Probe 1999

D.S.S./ DeMory Pro Stock


Tom Conrad JR racing

Hello Tom,


  Tom Conrad Jr. Racing began the season with the crazy idea that we could be the first team to campaign two cars and win two World Championships.  We previously never completed the full Fun Ford Weekend series but have had tremendous success in the events we have attended.  After the third race of the year this past weekend in Belle Rose, La we are on pace for our "Double" leading both the Street Stang (11.90 index) and Street Bandit (10.60) classes. 

The engine which has brought us from weekend racer to potential World Champion has been your forged Super Pro 306.  With a history of running mostly stock pieces yours is the first race built engine we have run...and run we have.  The success of Tom Conrad Jr. Racing over the last two and a half years is a testament to both your product and the emergence of Tom as one of the best bracket/index racers in the country.  This is not our opinion as the results listed below will bear this out.  However we do have some people whose opinions we value quite highly that we would like have to chime in.  We hope to provide you with letters from Bill Alexander owner of Fun Ford Weekend and Tom Brown long time drag racer and Chief of Security for Fun Ford Weekend to further validate our driver.  Both Bill and Tom Brown are traveling back from the weekend event and will be emailing you directly with their thoughts. 

  We get hundreds of people by every weekend wondering what the hell that Conrad guy is running that he is up and down the track all weekend.  By all weekend we mean 45-60 passes at every event we attend combining time trials and eliminations.  We have put over 3000 passes on your 306 without even a hiccup until we sent the rod out the side this past weekend.  700+ nitrous passes (100 wet shot) included.  Needless to say people see this care more than any other when we are at the track. 

The car we have been running your DSS motor in is a Copper Orange 1990 Mustang Coupe.  Fuel injection, C4, 3.73 gear, weighing #3015 with driver.  Car has run bests of: 11.31 @116 with a 1.45 60' on motor.

10.29 @124 with a 1.32 60" on 100 shot.

Fun Ford Weekend Results:

2006-Bought DSS motor on 1-20-06 invoice #92107

Began racing brackets along with Street Stang both Street Ford and Quick Ford no electronics classes.

De-tuned new motor to run the 12.50 number for Fun Ford events ran in the 11.40-11.50 range elsewhere.  Also in 2006 we started running a second car for the first time. An ‘05 Mustang or newer class called Ultra Stang where we used a "borrowed" car at certain races and ran very well. 

Our results from 2006 total 8 wins and 12 finals in only 6 events.  Winning 2 Street Ford, 2 Quick Ford, 3 Street Stang and 1 Ultra Stang classes.

We also went runner up in 1 Street Ford, 2 Street Stang, and 1 Ultra Stang. 

These results enabled us to finish second in Street Stang points while missing 4 events and an unlikely 4thin Ultra Stang only racing the class at 4 events.

This strong showing in a limited schedule earned us the Fun Ford Weekend "Real Racer of the Year" award.  Considered the second highest award given to a Fun Ford Driver. 


2007-Fun Ford Weekend established a new class called Street Bandit which is a 10.60

index.  We also introduce the Black and Silver coupe half way through the year at the Richmond race and start to run select races with two cars so we could race both 12.50 and 10.60 index classes.  We continue to race the DSS car in all bracket classes.

Our results from 2007 are 8 wins and 15 finals in another shortened schedule.  Winning 3 Street Ford, 2 Quick Ford, 2 Street Stang and 1 Street Bandit classes.  And running up in 2 Street Ford, 1 Quick Ford, 1 Street Stang and 3 Street Bandit classes. 


The Richmond race last year provided us with quite a bit of press and planted the seed for this year's quest.  On Sunday we entered Street Ford, Quick Ford and Street Bandit (10.60) racing the DSS car and Street Stang (12.50) with the brand new Black and Silver car.  When it was all said and done we had won both brackets and Street Stang with only a -.001 keeping us from a clean sweep.  We feel it was this particular showing along with the rest of our strong season that garnered us the Fun Ford Weekend "Driver of the Year".  This is the highest award given out by Fun Ford and also the only one voted on by the drivers themselves. 


In the end we finished 2nd in Street Bandit (3 rounds behind the winner) making only 5 events and 5thin Street Stang only entering 4 events.


2008-The Quest for a Double World Championship

Street Stang has moved to a 11.90 index so we sped up the Black and Silver car a bit and it runs dead on naturally aspirated however we do keep a small shot on it if needed to push someone out.

Orlando: Win Street Ford on Saturday (DSS Copper Car)

               Win Street Stang on Sunday

Houston:  Runner up Street Ford on both Saturday and Sunday (DSS Copper Car)

Belle Rose:  First 4 passes off trailer in the 10.58 range qualified on the fourth pass enabling us to earn minimum points but broke on fifth pass.

Raced the Black and Silver car to three finals.  Winning both Street Ford and Street Stang on Sunday and Running up in Street Ford on Saturday.




Thank You for the Great Product!



Bob Shelton

Crew Chief

Tom Conrad Jr. Racing