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E mail us your youtube video's. If it showcases you and your project in action we want to see it. You may even end up on this page. Send us details about the DSS Racing products used. and info about the combination to share with your fellow enthusiasts. Here are a few from the archives to start it off. Do not send us video of you breaking the law or being stupid we will not show it!

Ride along in Chris Griswolds DSS 427XR  2010 NASA AIX Championship winning car

Randy Calais N/A 9 Second Mustang DSS 408 Super Pro AFR 205 longblock

331 Pro Bullet Featured Engine 448 HP

 BOSS BULLET 815  1500 HP

1999 IHRA Pro Stock 6.70's 204 MPH BOSS BULLET 815

Steve Ross Super Pro Bullet 308  NO POWER ADDER! 10.78@123MPH

Bob Kurgan Boss 363XR 8.16@165MPH

331 Super Pro with Vortech Supercharger burn out for photo shoot