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You are here: Home > FORD SHORT & LONGBLOCKS > 302 and 351W Ford based engines

Pro Bullet Short Block pictured above on the left, Long Block pictured on the right.

Featuring a Level 20 CNC Race Prepped Block,D.S.S. Main Support System and a Balanced SX Stroker Rotating Assembly. This Assembled Short block is a very cost effective, high quality option for people who want to leave the assembly to the Professionals at D.S.S. Pro Bullet customers benefit from years and years of experience and the latest trends,inside information and equipment that only D.S.S. can provide. Level 20 blocks are CNC Stroker clearanced, Decks are squared off of crank and cam centerlines, Cylinders are bored perpendicular to the crank center line .025 over and then 3 step plateau honed to final bore size with deck plates in a Sunnen CV616. The block comes with cam bearings and thread in freeze plugs installed. The oil galleys are tapped for thread in plugs front and rear. The SX Balanced Rotating Assembly is upgraded to include the GSX Forged piston option, Scat Crank upgrade and ARP rod bolt upgrade. The GSX series piston is lighter, allows for bigger cam profiles and larger valve cylinder heads. also the X groove on the skirt really helps with ring seal longevity in todays power adder cars.The D.S.S. Racing Aluminum Main Support System dampens the harmonics that cause main cap walk. Main cap walk is the root cause of block splitting.This carefully Engineered system incorporated in the Pro Bullet Short Block has Been Race proven for over 20 years.
Pro Bullets have been used successfully in hundreds of mid to low 10 second street / strip cars!

5.0/302 Based engines
331/347 PRO BULLET SHORT BLOCK $2899.00
331/347 PRO BULLET LONG BLOCK $5399.00

5.8/351W Based engines

410W/427W SUPER PRO SHORT BLOCK $3899.00
410W/427W SUPER PRO LONG BLOCK $7374.95

The Level 20 Super Pro option can be added to any Pro Bullet engine above. (The 410W &427W have the Super Pro option as standard equipment) We recommend this option for people who want the absolute strongest production block engine you can build. Mid to high 9 second ET's are common. When the budget is not there for an aftermarket 4 bolt main block this is a good, low cost alternative.

5.0/302 Based engines
306/331/347/363 X SHORT BLOCK $5899.95
306/331/347/363 X LONG BLOCK $8900.00

5.8/351W Based engines

410W/427W X SHORT BLOCK $6199.95
410W/427W X LONG BLOCK $9399.95